Tesla Began the Serial Production of Solar Roofs

Tesla Began the Serial Production of Solar Roofs

Tesla launched the mass production of Sun Roof solar roof tiles. At the same time, the company of Elon Musk started installing the new roofs, reports kaldata.

Tesla‘s Solar Roof is not cheap. One square foot (0.0929 m²) costs $ 21.85 (about $ 220 per square meter). But the roof has lifetime warranty, and the technology’s lifetime of construction is 30 years.

The solutions offered by other companies are more expensive.

Tesla officially announced that the mass production of tiles for new roofs has already begun. The installation of Solar Roof has also started for all customers who deposited $ 1,000 a deposit last year.

In order to deal with numerous orders, Mr Musk transferred production from Californian Fremont to a large factory in Buffalo, which now employs 500 people, and by spring, the plant must start producing solar cells with a total power of 1 GW.

Sun Roof solar roofs had to appear earlier, but Elon Musk said he needed a 6-month trial period during which he personally monitored the quality of the construction work.

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The solar roof, which produces electricity without the use of conventional solar panels, is one of the key points of Tesla‘s strategy for an environmentally-friendly way of life that provides for the divestiture of fossil fuels and the use of renewable energy sources in everyday life.