Technology key to healthcare, says NMC CEO

Prasanth Manghat.

Technology remains top of the agenda for NMC Healthcare as it moves towards the future, according to NMC CEO Prasanth Manghat.

Speaking at the 36th JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, Manghat noted that technology will change the face of healthcare, with many customers now expecting cutting-edge innovations in healthcare delivery.

Institutions, he noted, must be prepared to deliver technologically advanced options after evaluating and eradicating any possible associated risks.

Manghat added that a recently announced $800 million investment in the Gulf and other markets is a sign that NMC is committed to advances in medical technology, including unmanned intensive care units, home health monitoring, remote specialist consultations, advanced genetic tests and devices to improve IVF results.

“Advancements in technology have disrupted traditional businesses across industries from banking to retail to transportation and now even healthcare,” he said.

In a 2018 forecast written for Arabian Business, Manghat noted that the integration of technology is one of a number of trends will help the UAE’s healthcare sector grow by 60 percent over the next five years, along with a shift from curative to preventive care, prevalence of chronic diseases, an aging population and medical tourism.

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NMC owns and managed 135 healthcare facilities – including hospitals, medical centres, long-term care facilities and surgery and fertility centers – with a team of over 2,000 doctors and 18,000 support personnel.