Saudi Education Ministry warns of the danger of the Muslim Brotherhood in the curricula

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Saudi Education Ministry warns of the danger of the Muslim Brotherhood in the curricula

Saudi educators and public figures have agreed that the Ministry of Education’s warning against expiation (Takfiri) thought of terrorist groups, especially the Muslim Brotherhood,

in the Islamic studies at schools is an important and necessary step to protect pupils against the dangers of these groups and their destructive ideas, indicating that the stray ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood exceeded the limits.

Educators were reacting to the Saudi Ministry of Education’s merging, Islamic education subjects for general education students into a single course called “Islamic Studies”, starting with the semester that begins Sunday and allocating lessons to explain the dangers of the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology for students.

The merging process came within the framework of the Ministry’s efforts to develop the curricula.

Dr Saud Saleh Al Musaibeh said that ‘the new Islamic education curriculum is a warning against deviant parties and groups, including the treacherous Brotherhood.’

Latifa Al Dalihan supported the move, and said in her Twitter account that “the ministry warns in its new curricula against the Muslim Brotherhood, and classifies it a deviant terrorist groups for violating the approach of Islam .. this is a good step.”

In mid-November, Saudi Arabia’s Council of Senior Scholars blacklisted the group.

“The Muslim Brothers’ Group is a terrorist group and [does not] represent the teachings of Islam, rather it blindly follows its partisan objectives that are running contrary to the guidance of our graceful religion, while taking religion as a mask to disguise its purposes in order to practice the opposite such as sedition, wreaking havoc, committing violence, and terrorism,” the council said.

In 2014, Saudi Arabia and UAE officially designated the group as a terrorist organisation “to keep sedition at bay.” Bahrain soon followed suit.

Dr. Omar bin Abdulrahman Al Omar described the merger as a new and successful step by the ministry in warning against the Muslim Brotherhood, through the Islamic Studies course for the third intermediate grade.

In his tweet, Majid Al Amiri Al Hudhali thanked God and then the rulers for what they offered to the people of this country, describing the warning against terrorist groups in the third-grade curriculum as an “important step,” adding: “No one is excused after today for his ignorance of these malicious groups.”

Curriculum Feeding

Along the same lines, Dr. Badriya Al Harbi said,

“The Ministry of Education warns against the Muslim Brotherhood through the Islamic Studies course for the third intermediate grade, after MB books were distributed in schools and universities and the curricula were fed with their ideology and thought.

Mohammad Al Abdulatif described the step as “positive, to immunize young people, and to warn against the terrorist Brotherhood through the Islamic Studies course.”

Turki bin Mutlaq Al Amiri focused on the importance of awareness-raising, and said,

The warning from terrorist groups in the Islamic Studies starts from a young age for the safety of the pupils’ minds and souls, preserving their belief, educating them about the plots of deviant parties and fighting them them because they seek division, destruction, strife, violence and terror.”

Good move

Mohammad Issa Masli believes that the warning against deviant groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood, in the Islamic Studies is a successful and blessed step by the Ministry of Education, to enlighten our students about the danger of these deviant groups.

In his tweet, Mohammad bin Saad Al Dossari thanked the Ministry of Education for this successful step, and said,

“It is important to warn against the corrupt Brotherhood through the Islamic Studies course.”

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