No compensation for victims of 2015 Makkah crane collapse

Victims of the 2015 crane crash in Makkah which killed over 100 people will receive no compensation (diyyah or blood money) from the Binladin Group, according to Saudi media.

According to Saudi Gazette, the Makkah Summary Court ruled that the over 200 injured in the incident will not receive compensation as the disaster caused by heavy rains and thunderstorms, rather than human error or fault.

Additionally, damages caused to the structure of the Grand Mosque will not be compensated.

Saudi Arabia’s Attorney General, however, objected to the ruling and said he would appeal the verdict.

Following a visit to the scene of the disaster following the incident, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman ordered that the families of those who died would be given SR1 million ($266,000) with SR500,000 ($133,000) going to the injured.

“The crane was in an upright, correct and safe position. There was no error committed by the accused who took all the necessary safety precautions,” the court noted in its decision.

Thirteen employees of the Binladin Group, who were operating the crane for over two years before the incident, were acquitted.

“The Attorney General did not present any solid evidence that the Binladin Group had violated safety rules. The evidence he had presented was not sufficient to incriminate the defendants,” the court said.

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