A Saudi man, who was found guilty of attempting to kill his wife and possessing an unlicensed gun, was jailed five months, the Jeddah Personal Status Court has ruled.

The ruling, which became final after the man failed to appeal on time, also made the marriage null and void, after he shot his ex-wife in the neck in her bed, Okaz reported.

The convict was sentenced to six months’ jail with three months suspended for attempted murder, two months imprisonment for possessing an unlicensed weapon and two months jail for committing violence against his ex-wife, according to court records.

The victim told Okaz she resorted to the judiciary after untold suffering from fear and terror from her ex-husband.

She said in a letter to Okaz she suffered brutal torture and became mentally ill, taking medication so that she could sleep even for one hour a day.

“One day my ex-husband came to the bedroom, while I was lying in bed, deluded me that he was preparing a surprise for me and covered me with a blanket and then fired a bullet from a pistol towards my neck from the right side. The bullet penetrated my neck, hit my finger and left me in a pool of blood,” the victim said.

She added she bled for six hours before being taken to the hospital.

“He shot me in cold blood, and I agreed to his request not to report the crime to the police in exchange for him taking me to the hospital,” she recalled.

During the investigations, the police found a Glock pistol above the wardrobe, and a live ammunition forthe same weapon.

A medical report showed three wounds: two in the front and the back of the neck, and the third in the right little finger, and the inspection reports of the crime scene indicated that the facts did not match the statements of the husband, thus refuting his defence that the shooting was accidental.