First ‘Application World’ Exhibition in Saudi Arabia set to be held in Riyadh

Ghaya Investment will organize “Application World” Exhibition, the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia, on Sept. 17-20, 2018 with participation of more than 327 companies, authorities and ministries from both Saudi Arabia and globally, at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center, sponsored by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

More than 327 companies, authorities and ministries from both Saudi Arabia and globally, will participate.

The Chairman of Ghaya Investment, Abdulrahman Al-Husainy, said the idea of this exhibition came as an adaptation of the increase in the number of apps, its demand and the fast pace development in the e-services, which is of high importance to every individual, government entity as well as private sector organizations.

Nevertheless, technology has become a vital element in our daily lives, therefore, we strived, through this exhibition, to gather the best and most important elements which will in turn serve the whole community, give a clear indication of the importance of the Saudi market and its size, and to finally create a platform for all technology enthusiasts, creators and all interested parties to share their passion and to provide what is new, locally and internationally through these new helpful applications, which help us in our daily tasks and transactions.

Al-Husainy added in alignment with Saudi Arabia’s vision, which set the foundation of the tech future in the Kingdom, we made sure to provide an exhibition which will be the first in its kind in Saudi Arabia to contribute to the non-oil economy as well as invest in the Saudi youths capabilities.

Furthermore, the CEO of Ghaya Investment, the organizing party, Mohammed Al-Zowaimil, said this first of its kind event is an exhibition for all interested parties as well as startups seeking support and a platform to launch their great applications and the exhibition will include, during its period, technical and educational workshops and seminars provided by experts and scientists in this field.

He stressed that the huge interest from companies, establishments and government entities to attend this exhibition is a clear indication of the importance of the technological development in the community in general.

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Moreover, Al-Zowaimil expects daily attendance of the interested parties and enthusiasts will exceed 5,000 visitors.